Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Essence de L'audace

Essence de L'audace simply means the essence of being bold. Seven young designers who had just graduated from La Salle College Surabaya were pushed to their limit to present bold and out-of-the-box designs in all themes, crossing boundaries. From rodeo, kids, futuristic, to wedding.

Some works were on display in mannequins right in front of the entrance gate, together with some photographs and booths.

The young and talented designers were also given the chance to display their own designs in the themes they personally chose. My friends and I were fans of Gabriel Soegiyono's creations. He rose the theme of Spanish beauty which was stunning and the composure of every aspect in his show was very balanced.

The others rose the theme of architectures, Japanese kimono, skulls, and many more.

All fun and joy credits to my beloved friends : Lukas, Jochris, Feli, Ken, Kezia, Lauretha. Thanks to them, watching this show was such an unforgettable experience.


Images courtesy of Lukas Atmaja, Jochris, Reinhardt Kenneth


  1. Cool inspiration :-)


  2. ayo datang ke amica fashion show today pwuhlis!

  3. hai cintah muka guweh disana aneh beyudhz hahahahahah. see you sooner <3

  4. wihh yg ada pak karno pak karno nya itu di sebelah mana ya, kemarin ga keliatan, sayang sekali. I love your and Lukas' outfit, they match each other anyhow hahaha

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