Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Is A Painting

I don't know why but today I've been thinking about this mind concept. In this world, we live as if a billion people are painting their life at the same time. They use their own brushes, techniques, and styles. In painting, you start by buying a canvas, paint brush, paint, pallet, etc. Then you'll start to paint...

You paint using various colors, adding details here and here. Finally, the picture's done and you'll stop painting. That's how life goes. You're born, paint your life with memories and emotions then you finally past away.

Once someone told me that your life is yours to take control. Your life is your painting and you're the painter. You are the one who hold the brush. You decide whether your surroundings may paint on it too or not. It's your choice. So, if your life is a mess, don't you blame others, situation, or anything because it's you who made that work of art.

Your life is a painting and you only got one canvas.


Photographed by my daddy
No make up on
Styling by Virginie Poetry
Location : Hyatt Regency Bandung


  1. dapet dari mana denimnyaaa virginiee?bagus banget<3
    you look so chic!:)

  2. Love your double denim!
    Do your sunglasses have spikes on the bridge?!

    Em x

  3. Love your whole look.wanna follow each other

  4. yeaahh i really agree with your statement ce!! " Your life is a painting and you only got one canvas." so true!!
    love your denim shirt and sunnies so much!! <3

  5. beautiful pictures, ce!
    followed your blog :)

  6. You are so stylish and creative! I love looking through your blog.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. Agree with your post sometimes we have to control think twice before doing anything. I like your outfit by the way :)

  8. love your belt!!

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^