Sunday, June 10, 2012

4th Bloggers Meet Up

As I have mentioned before in here , there's this local group of fashion bloggers named SurabayaVOGUE and last Friday was actually our 4th meet up. I didn't get to join the first and second since I wasn't a blogger at that time and due to my unavailability. So here's the quick overview of the whole epic crazy meet up we had.

Epic, huh? We sure had a blast and to be frank enough, even though I've just met them a couple of times I really felt the positive vibe around them. Such a great community to be in. And of course, I did a quick shot of my look. Here it goes.

Since I gained 15 pounds and I'm so proud to say that I've lost 6 of them from the start of the holiday, I can't really find the right outfit to support my figure. I came up with my Mango glamrock chic dress and of course, touches of red ALDO pumps and snake skin clutch.

Je vous aime tous!


Image courtesy of ReindhardtKenneth


  1. haii it's reinhardt kennethh haha.
    btw I look so crayzayyy

  2. losing weight in holiday time is a miracle dear O_o tell me your secret! anyhow go post the shots with Ken & Belvin at the Eastcoast rooftop, I heard they were beautiful!

    1. be determined jo! remember, keep calm and just lose weight! LOL
      moi aussi, I haven't gotten the pictures either :|