Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tell Me When To Stop

As you all know, SurabayaVOGUE together with many other vendors are co-hosting CALAIS' Grand Opening and we, fashion bloggers, got this in return.

I'm so not a vintage lover, but I eventually found a way to keep the structure of the dress but put a taste of modern style to it. Merci beaucoup ORE!

"I may not always wear a halo, and we may have our fallouts, but living with you in our little big planet together is like a fable to me. I appreciate you so much and I will love you until the end of oblivion" -Anonymous

Image courtesy of Christian Belvin 


  1. simple always talk more!
    the nude dress suits you well!

    Wulan Wu on

  2. lovely ballerinas and the scenery is amazing :) the quote is quitely touching...

  3. It's pretty ma cherie!
    Your dress and of course YOU haha

  4. That dress is so chic! You've got a great sense of style at a young age. Ca't wait to see more from you.

  5. this is too pretty, dear, can't wait to have another photo shoot with you!

  6. wowa i love your dress! <3
    following you right now, mind to follow back? <3

  7. Lovely blog and great post. Mind to follow each other, I've followed you ;)