Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunshine Paradise

Readers! I'm back! Finally after an exhausting week at the camp, I lost my voice by the way, I am home and ready to party hard! Two days after my landing in Surabaya, Ore and SurabayaVogue are hosting Havaianas' launching party in Surabaya. They gifted us, bloggers, with pretty flip flops and requested our attendance at the party. Here's a sneak peak at our good times!

Calais are also co-hosting the party and they provided glasses of tropical punch, but there are also sodas, beer, and snacks.

I personally find this event's DJ pretty good, he managed to build the atmosphere and brought out the party spirit inside us.

In other words, I had a major fun time!


Image courtesy of Reinhardt Kenneth & Charlene Gondo

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  1. <3 super fun. can't wait for our next one, drunken.