Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bali Babies

I actually tried to do a look photo shoot, but as I stated in the previous post, my digital camera doesn't work under the daylight though I luckily managed to get these pictures under the shades and the moon light.

My first day in this amazing Bali trip was spent in Beachwalk, a new hangout spot right in Kuta Beach. I knew about this place from a friend and also a tutor, Andre, who was also quite a fashion lover. I bought a pair of Stradivarius neon yellow pumps, brown obi, and finally got a bracelet from Pull&Bear big enough to fit my arms or maybe my arms are getting smaller, who knows? And due to the fact that I left my shades, I decided to buy a new one from Guess and I know it was meant to be since it was the last piece available in store. During my culinary trip around Ubud, I saw these street sellers hanging ombre dresses and I quickly decided to grab one and pair it with a new yellow filp-flop.

Of course, a good book is a definite companion. I brought my novel along and reading it was one of my routines there beside culinary trip. I also get to meet and hung out with my beloved best male friends. They're such a joy during the bowling game and thanks to one of them, now I can play too!

That's a short recap of my Ied holiday, how's yours?
Share your holiday experiences with me, I am more than happy to listen. Hope you had a blast.



  1. i bet you had a great vacation in Bali <3
    hehe, uda aku follback dear :*

    1. thank you pretty! :*
      heh, ak pngen ombre, tp hair chalk itu ypa km? sukses g?

  2. great photos :)

    I am following you now,
    I'd be honored if you wanna follow me back, dear ♥

  3. Hey darling! thanks for you lovely comment on my blog =) I would love to follow you =) following with GFC! Keep in touch ;)


  4. great idea to follow each other! follow me here and on bloglovin and be sure I'll do the same ;)