Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bali Street Style

Dear readers and the ones I've asked for their willingness to be photographed due to support this post,
I am posting this article to apologize for the ruined pictures I took with you (Delly, Inez, and Natalie). There's something wrong with my digital camera that it actually doesn't work under the daylight and turned the pictures into these.

I am really devastated that I couldn't share their captivating looks during their days in Bali. Delly was wearing super edgy studded scarf and top paired with her black ripped jeans. She was my first street style victim and sure was a pleasure to find her in the middle of the crowd of Bali's traditional art market.

Inez, who turned out to be a newbie in the fashion blogging world, was wearing a bowler hat, plain black tanks from New Look, a very chic and tantalizing galaxy asymmetric skirt, and completed her look with a pair of vintage shoes. I found her when I was out with some friends from Discovery Mall back to the bowling alley in my hotel. She was such a blessing when I met her on my second search day. She said that her style was more into the comfortable yet edgy looks. It is Bali after all.

My last search day was in Seminyak and as I was waiting for my mom to pay the bill in the restaurant, I saw this love birds across the street. The pretty young lady was Natalie. Her dress definitely stole my heart and I was so happy that she was finally willing to participate.

I know that you are all expecting quite a lot from this post, but there's simply nothing I can do right now to fix these pictures. I hope you will all understand and I am still looking forward to stay in touch with you and hear your fashion stories.

Merci beaucoup et desole.


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  1. what's wrong with your shots dear?
    are you using DSLR camera?

    Wulan Wu on

    1. I don't know :'(
      I used a canon digital camera dear
      I don't know what happened :(

  2. fotonya putih...>.<
    thankyou dear.. :)