Friday, December 21, 2012

Trend Alert : Sequins

"Shine bright like a diamond" that's my favorite line from Rihanna's latest hit single "Diamonds". Well, the very good news is that sequined clothes are currently the must have item and believe me, the sequin queen is more than happy to make a review on it.

For me, personally, I'm so in love with sequins because they give a touch of glamour. It can make you look over the top or just special. Sequinned clothing makes the user stand out from the crowd and it sure does attract quite big amount of attention. It's never wrong to have a touch of glamour in every look, true?

I have seen tons of celebrities appearing glamorously wearing sequinned dress or simply having just a touch of it. I even found tons of amazingly tantalizing outfits to buy in my favorite brand's collection. And here's my favorite ones.

So, are you fans of sequins too? Share your thoughts!
Bisous! ready for my first look collaboration with my favorite local blogger friend ;)

Images courtesy of various sources


  1. I actually bought a black sequin skirt 2 years ago for new year's eve (: i looove it! I'm considering sequins for this year also (: I just can't help myself

    lots of love!


  2. those sequin skirts are too gorge!
    oh who doesn't love sequin please!

    Wulan Wu on