Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Chances

Just gotten back home from my Bali trip yesterday and had my flashback moments earlier this morning. I've been thinking about what happened in Bali, how I thought that accepting someone back into your love life after hurting you is a major mistake. I'm a believer of second chances, but I only give it away to those who deserve it. He's still as cold as ice, as silent as gold, though I know he's sorry. A part of me wants to keep waiting on someone, while on the hand I know someone else is waiting for me and maybe he will make me a better person.This confusion of whom to chose should end right away. D'accord? Bon!

Talking about believes, every time I'm not confident with what I wear, throwing a blazer on or wear a pinch of red is always right and complete my whole look. This I believe. In this shoot, I wore my initial blazer from Zara and voila, it added structure to my silhouette. Pour moi, structures, cuttings, shapes es tres important. Don't you think so?

What's important for your looks? What are your fashion believes? Do we have the same believes. I wonder.

"You're perfect for me..More than just a friend so we can just stop pretending now.." -Boys Like Girls (Be Your Everything)

Images courtesy of Lukas Atmaja (Lookgraphy) 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bali Babies

I actually tried to do a look photo shoot, but as I stated in the previous post, my digital camera doesn't work under the daylight though I luckily managed to get these pictures under the shades and the moon light.

My first day in this amazing Bali trip was spent in Beachwalk, a new hangout spot right in Kuta Beach. I knew about this place from a friend and also a tutor, Andre, who was also quite a fashion lover. I bought a pair of Stradivarius neon yellow pumps, brown obi, and finally got a bracelet from Pull&Bear big enough to fit my arms or maybe my arms are getting smaller, who knows? And due to the fact that I left my shades, I decided to buy a new one from Guess and I know it was meant to be since it was the last piece available in store. During my culinary trip around Ubud, I saw these street sellers hanging ombre dresses and I quickly decided to grab one and pair it with a new yellow filp-flop.

Of course, a good book is a definite companion. I brought my novel along and reading it was one of my routines there beside culinary trip. I also get to meet and hung out with my beloved best male friends. They're such a joy during the bowling game and thanks to one of them, now I can play too!

That's a short recap of my Ied holiday, how's yours?
Share your holiday experiences with me, I am more than happy to listen. Hope you had a blast.


Bali Street Style

Dear readers and the ones I've asked for their willingness to be photographed due to support this post,
I am posting this article to apologize for the ruined pictures I took with you (Delly, Inez, and Natalie). There's something wrong with my digital camera that it actually doesn't work under the daylight and turned the pictures into these.

I am really devastated that I couldn't share their captivating looks during their days in Bali. Delly was wearing super edgy studded scarf and top paired with her black ripped jeans. She was my first street style victim and sure was a pleasure to find her in the middle of the crowd of Bali's traditional art market.

Inez, who turned out to be a newbie in the fashion blogging world, was wearing a bowler hat, plain black tanks from New Look, a very chic and tantalizing galaxy asymmetric skirt, and completed her look with a pair of vintage shoes. I found her when I was out with some friends from Discovery Mall back to the bowling alley in my hotel. She was such a blessing when I met her on my second search day. She said that her style was more into the comfortable yet edgy looks. It is Bali after all.

My last search day was in Seminyak and as I was waiting for my mom to pay the bill in the restaurant, I saw this love birds across the street. The pretty young lady was Natalie. Her dress definitely stole my heart and I was so happy that she was finally willing to participate.

I know that you are all expecting quite a lot from this post, but there's simply nothing I can do right now to fix these pictures. I hope you will all understand and I am still looking forward to stay in touch with you and hear your fashion stories.

Merci beaucoup et desole.


PS : J'aime Paillettes has oficially changed name and URL into

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Safe Haven

These pictures were taken months ago, and trust me, I'm not that big anymore. Losing weight and toning have been a joyous activity for me. I do find myself in happiness as I exercise. Ever since school started, my workout schedule had been a mess, especially after SurabayaVogue's first garage sale. I exercise less, but kept the diet on the go.

School and assignments seemed inevitable and as you all know, my high school is no ordinary school. It loves assignments and exams so much that I'm drowned in this sea of books and papers. My first English assignment is to read a novel and I chose "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks. 
I don't know about you, but for me, my friends and family are my havens. Their lavishing love and support are just too precious to be traded with anything. In this moment, thanking and honoring them for their aid during the garage sale would be decent. Thanks to SbyVogue members especially Felicia, Malvin, and Theresia for supporting and helping me a lot during the garage sale process. Thanks to my readers for buying our items. Thanks to my family for encouraging me to join the event and all other people I couldn't mention one by one. You are all my dear havens.

'That's what courage is. If she weren't scared, she wouldn't need courage in the first place." - Nicholas Sparks (Safe Haven)

Images courtesy of Reinhardt Kenneth