Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mon Gagnant

"Winning is not everything, it is the process reaching it that matters most." - Anonymous
   Who doesn't want to be successful? Nobody, I guess. But, what differs one true winner from the other? A true winner knows that it is the process and he himself that matter. It is not what others do to get to that victory, it is how to keep on pushing yourself to your own limits. It is not how big your dream is, it is how hard you work on it.

   What benefit can you get from looking to your left and right? Comparing yourself to another? Getting someone else's ideas? I guess that's just simple human nature, not wanting to lose pride.

   Call me cliche, but I am not a fan of comparison. I find comparing myself to another frustrating. It leads me anywhere I don't want to be. Once, I compared myself to my acquaintance. I thought I could keep up, I was wrong. I ended up frustrated and disappointed with myself. Eventually, I realized that we were two different persons that can't be compared. Another moment, I was compared to his past. It hurt my feelings and brought me to my darkest days. Thus, I know that He created me special, so are you. And yes, even losers are special.

   There's a huge difference between pushing yourself and pushing others away. I've been going to these education centers where people are very competitive. Some compete the way I want us to compete - improving together, focusing on driving ourselves further without needing to bring any of us down. While some seemed so innocent, but their words and behavior reflects the other way round. An acquaintance of mine acted cold and sharp in front of me, but once the professor or the one in charge was around she became the sweetest and helpless person alive. Tell me why.
   From here, the picture of what a winner is becomes clearer to me. It is clear to me who I want to be. Which type of winner are you?


PS : You know who you are in this post.

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