Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When The Darkness Comes


It's been awhile since I write on this blog and I apologize for so. As soon as I arrived here in USA, my life was upside down. It is nothing like what I had back in Surabaya-Indonesia. This post is not a post of rants, but a post of gratefulness and joy...

When I first arrived here, I am lucky to have a friend kind enough to keep my room key and pick me up. He was the one who helped me preparing the stuff I needed to buy and settling down. The first week was busy and I didn't feel the homesickness everyone was expecting me to feel. I was also adjusting with the time and dynamic weather. However, as days went by, I was bored since my school started a few weeks after I arrived and I had nothing to do. It was actually a blessing in disguise that my friend took me and his friends for a quick tour in San Francisco. I was devastated by someone's behavior towards me, but the others were too kind and fun to ignore.

Slowly but surely, I was homesick. The second to third week were tough. I missed home - my family, friends, and dearest one. I know it was time for me to move on and to let go. So, I tried to keep myself busy by rearranging the whole class schedule I made before I came here. It sure was exhausting and I believe my parents back home was scared as hell as I was when I didn't get enough credits. Thank God I got the classes I need right at the end of the add-in date.

The past couple of weeks were filled with assignments, hanging out, meeting new friends, and more. This place started to feel like home. I have had my ups and downs, but the light is always there when the darkness comes.


Styling by Virginie Poetry
Dress designed by Virginie Poetry 
Photographed by VDS


  1. Lovely post and pics :)


  2. goodluck for your study dear :)
    kapan pulanggg liburan?


  3. You look beautiful! Good luck with all of your classes and assignments!



  4. Great photos! Take care and good luck!

  5. waaah really great photographs of you! you look pretty!

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  6. You look amazing in these pictures!