Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Birthday ♥

You've seen one of the presweet shots, and here's a peak of my sweet seventeenth birthday bash.

It sure was a night to remember and I wish it would never end. The night filled with good food, good entertainers, good music, amazing company, bubbling snow, and fabulous fashion. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did and it sure wasn't a party of my own. It was my night, but it was the party for all of the invitations to have fun.
The mingle session was so much fun. I get to be a part of the crowd, not only the VIP audience of the whole show. I got to see my friend's dresses, listen to their comments, and share laughter with them.

Here's the twist of my party. During the disco time I hired a group of professional dancers to lead the crowd and pimp up the room into a massive flash mob floor. My dancing friends were going all confident taking turns leading the moves. If only my DJ hadn't been chased by the other show he's doing, I bet the party won't stop until the sun rise up. Girl just wanna have fun!

Photographed by Lukas Atmaja (Lookgraphy)
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  1. anak sinlui toh ternyata! hahahahahaha <3

  2. Such a beautiful girl ^^ mach weiter und ich wunsche dir das beste ! :*

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