Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Kiss Goodbye

Bonjour fashion people!

I was pretty wild preparing this look since it was one of the looks I chose to be in my presweet photo shoot. The top was quite risky for it was cropped super short and I had to lift the bandage skirt higher to cover my stomach, but afterall, It was worth wearing.

The mixture of green and gold has been my favorite since I saw Cassie's music video. I find my skin tone relates to the mixture pretty well. It might be too safe since it doesn't race with my skin, but it sure does compliment my skin tone and aura. It brings the freshness and sexiness to cloud nine.

Remember, the best color is the one that compliments your look!

Virginie Poetry - jaimepaillettes.blogspot.com 

Photographed by Lukas Atmaja (Lookgraphy)
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