Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring 2012 Style Guide

It's only two days away from Spring, are you ready to be seen? Here are some Spring 2012 Trend according to the experts :

1. Black and White
It seems like designers are going back to basic colors this season. The color black and white never get old and will survive all year long. Even though the color is safe, it doesn't mean that the designs are safe. Accents and signatures shall pop as the color toned down.

2. Pastel Colors
For the past few months pastel colored clothes have been filling my favorite shops, especially mint green. Seems like my mint green trend alert is right.

3. Floral Prints
It won't be spring without flowers and here goes the floral prints.

4. Asymmetries Cuttings
From one-shoulder tops to one-shoulder dresses to asymmetric skirts and dresses. Seems that the designers just can't get enough of this fabulous cutting.

5. Summer Suits
As much as we love Summer and thank GOD that I live in a tropical country, summer suits and short suits is totally perfect for this season's trend.

6. Pencil skirt
If you're a petite type of person, I personally suggest you not to wear one cause it will crop your height. On the other hand it will make you look slimmer somehow, so it's your choice. Save the height or save the size?

7. Peplums
I haven't been all over the world, but I've seen peplums everywhere. Trust me, when I say everywhere, it means everywhere.

8. Lace dress
Lace is a little bit tricky fabric to use. I once thought of using lace as the main fabric for my birthday dress, but I didn't find a way to make it look modern and young. Accents might be the key.

9. Ankle-Strap
New to heels? Buy ankle-strap sandals now! They are a mixture of safety, comfort, and style. These babies need to come to momma'!

10. Lucite heels
To be frank enough, I am so not a fan of lucite heels. It just doesn't last long enough as an item. The anxiety of having scratches bothers me way too much. But remember, fashion needs sacrifice and this fashion item is worth the fight!

There goes the top 10 Spring 2012 Style Guide, be gorgeous and spring the fashion in you!


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